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How to use one

It is always a good idea to go through your workplace, identifying the positions of the fire extinguishers and what types they are.  Read the instructions written on the fire extinguishers’ labels.  Most (but not all) operate using the method outlined below:

1)  Fight a fire only if it is small, and you have the correct extinguisher, and you have a clear escape route behind you.  Always phone the fire brigade first, and if in doubt, get out!

2)  Lift the extinguisher with your hand/s under the LOWER of its two handles.  Make sure you are capable of lifting its weight safely.

3)  Place one hand on the extinguisher's body (but not on its top handle) to steady it whilst you:

4)  Pull the pin or clip sharply to remove it.  Twisting it may also help.

5)  Stand well back from the fire, ensuring you have a clear escape route behind you.

6)  Squeeze the extinguisher's handles together hard, and aim the hose or horn at the base or over the surface of the fire as appropriate.