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Extinguisher course

This course is designed to train members of staff how to extinguish small fires, using the correct type of extinguisher on various fires.


  • Do you know which extinguisher to use on a burning live electrical appliance?

  • Are you confident that you could use a fire extinguisher safely?

  • If a fire broke out in your premises today, would you know what to do?

  • And would your staff?


We offer a basic training session encompassing the following:


Types of fires

Types of fire extinguishers

BSEN3 explained

Which extinguisher to use on which fire

Practical hands-on use of fire extinguishers


The training takes place at your premises.  It lasts approximately 60 minutes, and is designed to train up to 20 persons at one session.  Each attendant is given a booklet and pocket guide to keep for his/her reference, and each is given the opportunity to use various fire extinguishers.  We will issue certificate/s of attendance on completion.  The session is not designed to train individuals in technical and advanced fire-fighting theory and practice, but as a basic lesson and demonstration of the points highlighted above.  Information given is based on the knowledge, regulations and guidelines applicable on the date of training, hence it is important to continue the staff training regularly.


This training is an invaluable investment to make for the benefit of the knowledge and safety of you and your staff.  Telephone us today to arrange an appointment!


Should you require any variations in the type of training, number of attendants or number of sessions, please contact us with your requirements, and we will endeavour to accommodate.