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Fire action course

This course is designed to train staff in general the correct fire action procedure, and may incorporate a timed and practical fire drill if appropriate.

If a fire broke out in your premises today, would you and your staff:

  • Follow a sensible, recognised and well-practised action-plan?
  • Know how to evacuate an area of the building speedily and safely? 

  • Or would you just panic?

We offer a basic training session encompassing the following:

  • The correct and orderly fire action procedure
  • The role of the fire warden
  • A fire drill if appropriate

The training takes place at your premises.  It lasts approximately 60 minutes, and is designed to train up to 20 persons at one session.  Each attendant is given a pocket guide and information booklet to keep for his/her reference.  On completion, we will issue a certificate of attendance for each attendant.  Information given is based on the knowledge, regulations and guidelines applicable on the date of training.

This training is an invaluable investment to make for the benefit of the knowledge and safety of you and your staff.  Telephone us today to arrange an appointment!

Should you require any variations in the type of training, number of attendants or number of sessions, please contact us with your requirements, and we will endeavour to accommodate.