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Short training

In very small, simple establishments, e.g. a small shop employing one or two people, it may not be practical for you to invest in one of our comprehensive training courses. Nevertheless, your staff should still be trained in fire/safety issues.  We can arrange to give a short, simple "talk" to your staff, outlining the main fire/safety points they should be aware of.  We would provide informative pocket guides for them, and a fire/safety booklet for your files.  We would bring along a fire extinguisher, which we could demonstrate how to use, and which they could use if appropriate.  The cheapest option for you would be for us to undertake this short training at the same time as our annual fire extinguisher service at your premises.

Another option you may wish to consider is to hire a fire/safety DVD - click on "Training DVDs" on the left for more information.

By offering the option of "short training", we are in no way implying that it is acceptable to provide any member of staff with an inferior level of training.  Remember that as the responsible person, it is YOUR duty to ensure that every member of staff receives suitable and sufficient training.