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DIY training

Do-it-yourself training allows you great flexibility in selecting which of your employees receive which types and quantities of training to suit the nature of your business.  For instance, if you had a large number of employees, it may be appropriate for every member of staff to receive fire awareness and fire action training, and for appointed fire wardens to receive a more comprehensive training package, including fire extinguisher use.  This DIY training can be especially suited to businesses that frequently employ new members of staff e.g. bars, clubs, shops, large businesses.  New staff can receive immediate training on their arrival, and then attend the company's scheduled comprehensive training course when it is due. 


By offering the option of DIY training, we are in no way implying that it is acceptable to provide any member of staff with an inferior level of training.  Remember that as the responsible person, it is YOUR duty to ensure that every member of staff receives suitable and sufficient training.


We will provide you with:

  • A DVD for you to purchase or to hire

  • A selection of fire extinguishers for you to purchase or to hire, with clear written user instructions

  • Information booklets and pocket guides for you to keep and distribute to your staff if necessary

On delivery, we would meet your representative to “hand over” the above, so that we could fully explain the content of the literature, and demonstrate the fire extinguisher use.

The DVD is entitled “Managing Fire Safety at Work”, and contains the following four programmes:

Fire risk assessment at work (20 mins)

The role of the fire warden  (11 mins)

Action in the event of a fire  (12 mins)

Extinguishing fires at work  (19 mins)

We purchase this DVD from an independent source – it has not been designed or produced by ourselves - and therefore we are not responsible for any of its content.  However, we have watched many fire/safety DVDs, and in our opinion, this is the best and most suitable of them.

This DIY-training option offers you the complete flexibility of the level and timescale of the training to suit your business.  You can be in control of who watches which sections of the DVD and when, and who uses the fire extinguisher/s and when.  This has obvious advantages to large businesses.  Many firms request their staff to sign a certificate stating that they have watched and understood the DVD and have used a fire extinguisher successfully, for example.