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If you appoint us to conduct your fire risk assessment, we will arrange an appointment to carry out a thorough inspection of your premises.  Please remember to have the keys available to all rooms, including boiler, plant and server rooms, basements, attics etc.  We will need to see plans of your building - if these are unavailable, we may need to draw new ones.  We will also need to have access to all your records (if you have them) of:


Fire alarm tests

Emergency lighting tests

Fire extinguisher services

Staff fire/safety training

Fire drills

Fire Officer visits

Electrical applance tests

Electrical wiring tests

Other tests/services e.g. of boilers, lift machinery etc


At your workplace, we will assess a large number of fire/safety issues including:  Smoking policies, Arson policies, equipment installations, works processes, cooking appliances, heating, housekeeping practices, fire detection, fire fighting equipment, means of escape, lighting, signage, management procedures, emergency plan, staff training, evacuation drills and many others.


But don’t worry – the intention of your fire risk assessment is not to condemn, but rather to improve your working practices.  With our assessment may well come a list of recommendations for you to act on in our advised level of priority, so that you can improve the fire safety of your workplace in a methodical way.  We aim to be reasonable but without compromising fire safety.

Once our assessment is complete, we will provide a comprehensive fire safety manual for you, comprising:


  • The fire risk assessment, its findings and recommendations
  • A written emergency plan for your premises
  • A log book for a record of staff training, and the necessary checks of fire/safety issues
  • A certificate of professional fire risk assessment undertaking


In short, our fire safety manual, that will be composed specifically for your establishment on the basis of our inspection, will help to ensure that you comply with the new legislation.

When complete, we will arrange to visit you to present the manual to you, and to spend some time explaining its content and going through any further action that may be required of you.

By using Capital Fire Protection Ltd, you can have confidence that a professional and thorough service will be conducted by a qualified assessor.


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