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New Regulations

There is a mass of information available on the internet and elsewhere regarding the new Fire Safety Order.  Rather than provide a mass of our own information, or quoting from any of the many websites out there, many of which we would not advise you follow, we thought we would not go wrong by simply providing you the web-links for you to view and download the actual Fire Safety Order itself, and the Government-produced guides to the Order.  These guides are very comprehensive, and one has been issued for each of the following types of premise:

Offices and shops

Factories and warehouses

Sleeping accommodation

Residential care premises

Eduational premises

Small and medium places of assembly

Large places of assembly

Cinemas, theatres and similar places

Open air events and venues

Healthcare premises

Transport premises and facilities

Animal premises and stables

(Choose the ones that apply to your premises.)


To view the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, visit

To view the Government-issued guides to this Order, along with other useful links, visit

Scroll half way down this page, where you will see links to view any of the guides.

Also useful is guidance on fire safety in residential accommodation, which can be viewed by visiting

Good luck.  Please contact us if you need any help with gaining further information.