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  • Experienced and qualified
  • Quiet, neat and efficient work
  • Annual charges are consistently reasonable
  • Simple pricing structure, easily understood
  • No charge for standard parts
  • Detailed service report and certificate available


I have more than 13 years’ experience in servicing fire extinguishers. I have the relevant qualifications with the Fire Extinguisher Trades Association (FETA) and the British Fire Consortium (BFC), and  I work strictly to BS5306.  I work with my colleague Kyan, and we work quietly, neatly and efficiently.  I’m sure that you will be comfortable with having us working on your premises, and will be extremely pleased with our work.


Servicing fire extinguishers to BS5306 involves giving each extinguisher an annual basic service, a five-yearly extended service and/or a ten-yearly overhaul.  In order to spread the cost of this, we operate a procedure whereby we apply the extended service or overhaul to an appropriate proportion of extinguishers each year (normally 20%).  This helps to keep the annual service bill fairly constant.  For example, if you have ten extinguishers, then for the first five years, we would apply the extended service to two extinguishers per year (a different two every year of course), and the basic service to eight.  Hence the cost per year would be pretty constant, and at the end of the first five-year period, all extinguishers would have had their extended service undertaken.  For the second or third five year period, we would apply the overhaul to two extinguishers per year (different two each year), and the basic service to eight.  Again, the cost per year would be pretty constant, and at the end of this five-year period, all extinguishers would have had their overhaul.  This approach ensures that you will not have a disproportionately hefty bill every five years.  


Many fire protection firms’ invoices for fire extinguisher service visits can be long and complicated.  They often contain lists of parts that have been supplied and fitted, which can increase the bill considerably to a figure that bears little resemblance to the quotation that was initially provided.  If you have any past copies of such invoices, look them up.  You may well find that although the service cost per extinguisher was perhaps only £1.00, and exactly as you were quoted, by the time all the extras were added, the bill works out at more like £10-£15 per extinguisher.


We operate a pricing structure that is easy to understand, fair and competitive:


Usually, there will be only four items listed on our invoice:  an attendance charge, a quantity of extinguishers given a basic service, a quantity given an extended service, and a quantity given an overhaul/exchange.  We do not charge extra for standard parts. 


We designate a number to each extinguisher, and on completion of servicing, we will issue you with a detailed service report.  We can either verbally agree to undertake the servicing work each year, or we can provide a written, but non-binding service contract for your records.


The above is a fair assessment of the way in which we work.  We do not quote ultra-cheap rates and then over-compensate by charging excessively for parts and services that may not even be required.  We value an honest business-relationship with our customers.


Nick Jones