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Supply & fitting

  • Large stocks available

  • High quality, kitemarked, 5-year warranty*

  • Wall-mounted correctly and safely in appropriate areas

  • Explanatory ID signs fitted above extinguishers

We carry large stocks of fire extinguishers and blankets.  Whether you need us to call to fit one extra fire blanket in your kitchen, or kit out your new premises with the appropriate extinguishers, or redistribute existing extinguishers at a premises you have moved to etc, we will be able to help, and do the job well for you.

Each extinguisher or blanket we supply will be of high quality, kitemarked to BS, and carry a five year warranty, *providing it is installed and serviced annually by ourselves.

Fire extinguishers should be wall-mounted.  BS5306 recommends that extinguishers whose gross weight exceeds 4 kg are wall-mounted such that their lifting handles are about 1 metre from the floor, and those whose gross weight is less than 4 kg are wall-mounted such that their lifting handles are about 1.5 metres from the floor.  We can wall-mount that extinguishers for you, or supply you brackets to do this yourself.  In some areas, it is sometimes difficult, unsafe or impossible to wall-mount them.  In these cases, we will supply a metal floor-stand on which the extinguishers will hang safety.

We tend to install fire extinguishers as close to fire exits as possible, where there is normally a fire alarm call point.  The reason for this is that in the event of a fire, it is correct procedure (and instinctive) for everybody to go to the fire exit doors to evacuate the building.  Therefore, when at the fire exit door, one can make a decision as to whether it is appropriate to use the fire extinguisher there to tackle the fire in the building.  i.e. it is much safer practice to go to the exit door to make this decision, than to have to go towards the fire to look for the extinguisher.  However, we also install extinguishers in separate risk areas e.g. boiler/switchgear rooms, kitchens...

We supply and fix a photoluminescent identification sign above each extinguisher.  Ths sign gives the user clear details about the types of fires that extinguisher should and shouldn't be used on. 

Finally, just to let you know that we make use of a tape measure when wall-mounting exinguishers, and a spirit level when fitting our signs!